We are the supplier of double sided carpet tape in Singapore market. Double sided carpet tape is use during the laying of carpets, especially carpets for exhibition, expo, events. They can also be used for the laying of carpet tiles and for preventing areas rugs from moving. Due to its ease of work, it saves time during the laying of carpet flooring.

Double sided carpet tape is a pressure sensitive tape which have adhesive on both sides of the tape. It is mean to have two surfaces of material stick together. It would not be visible because it is in between the two materials. In this way it gives the finish product a neat and subtle look.

They are specially made to hold down carpets onto the existing floor finish. It is a double-sided tape which is hand tear-able, which makes it easy to work with.

Our double-sided carpet tape has high tack properties which can holds carpets in place. This makes it suitable for use for installing floor finish such as expo carpets, exhibition carpets and other floorings materials at exhibition halls and events venue as the owners of the venues usually call for fast installation and removal.

In summary, our double-sided carpet tape holds the expo carpet, exhibition carpet or other flooring materials in place during the shows and it is easily removable. It saves time for the carpet layers and venues owners.

Highly recommended for all carpet layers, our double-sided carpet tape would save them time and monies.
Double Sided Carpet Tape
Double sided carpet tape, use for laying of carpet
NITTO double sided tape for securing carpets, adhering terminals and connections. Securing temporary panel joint for construction. Securing display boards, name plates, signage and securing wire protectors

A pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on both sides of the base cloth in the proper thickness, imparting an excellent adhesion and perfect fit for rough surfaces.

Superior adhesion to uneven surfaces
No adhesive leakage; applies cleanly

Specifications Summary:
Holding Power (min): 155
Tensile Strength (N/10mm): 74
Adhesive Power (N/10mm): (one side)4.44 (2 Sides)5.56
Adhesive: Rubber type
Tape Thickness (mm): 0.55
Extensibility (%): 12
Tape Length (m): 15
Base Material: Non-musline cloth
Tape Width (mm): 25
Weight (g): 300
Color: Cream
TRUSCO Part Number: 126-5385
Specification: Able to cut with hand
NITTO Double Sided Carpet Tape for laying of carpets
Double Side Carpet Tape
Firmfix Double Side Carpet Tape
Length: 25m long each roll
Width: 24mm wide
Double Side Carpet Tape
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