Luxury 35 Artificial Grass
from Korea

Uses: Landscaping, Garden, Balcony, Roof Terrace, walls
Yarn Type: Monofilament PE + PP curled
Dtex: 7150/2200 +/-5%
Pile Height (mm): 35mm +/-5%
Gauge: 3/8 inch
Stitch: 180 per metre +/-3%
Density: 18900 per sqm +/-3%
  Primary Backing: Single PP Cloth + Mesh Fabric
  Secondary Backing: Black SBR latex
Roll Width: 2m
Colour: 4 colour
UV Protection: >4

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Artificial Grass Carpet - Luxury 35
Artificial grass carpet supplier - Luxury 35
Artificial grass carpet supplier - Luxury 35
Performance equivalent to natural grass by using Monofilament pile yarn with PE of Smooth type and Hard type

Superior durability, wear resistance and resitution with the curled yarn shape

Feeling smooth and soft to touch similar to natural grass

TNPP FREE - using LLDPE material produced by the largest chemical company in the world.
"Luxury 35" artificial grass from Korea - is harmless to humans because materials used does not contain Nonylphenol which can cause allergy or seizure.

Heavy Metal FREE - It does not contain heavy metal like lead, cadmium, mercury, Cr6+. Volatile
organic compound and PAHs etc.
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